Enrollment is limited, please pre-register to hold your place!

Courses: DES-375/575 Digital Cinema Studio (summer sessions 1 and 2)
Credits: 6 credits, participants are required to register for both 3-credit courses

Prerequisites:  To open up this opportunity to a wide range of students, we’ve paired down the prerequisites to DES-176 Introduction to Digital Narrative or Instructor Consent. As a general gateway/instructor approval/prerequisite, we’re asking for some knowledge of visual storytelling and/or video production experience. What this means is that anyone with some video/editing experience can be considered.

In-State Program Cost (WI):  $2,197 undergraduate, $2,973 graduate

MN Reciprocity Program Cost: $2,777 undergraduate, $3,168 graduate

Out-of-State Program Cost: $3,760 undergraduate, $5,538 graduate
(tuition for 6 academic credits and course fees)

Non-Credit Program Cost: $1700

Pre-registration for non-UW-Stout students complete this online pre-registration form.

Registration for Non-Credit program please register through the Discovery Center portal.

Official Registration opens on March 8th.

Registration Deadline:

Registration for the Erik Fletcher master class please register here.

Housing: On-campus housing in the Red Cedar Hall is available for $480 (for the 8 weeks program). Meal plans are also available. Please contact University Housing with questions at (715) 232-1121 or email

Any questions on registration can be directed to


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