Student Films Selected To Film Festival

We are happy to announce that 5 students who participated in the 2015 UW-Stout Summer Cinema Intensive will be showcasing films in this year’s Chippewa Valley Film Festival.

YOU. by Sara Westman
PROXIMITY by Rachel Verdeja
ADAMAS by Tony Pha
SLEEP WALK by Tyler Anderson
THE EMPRESS TREE by Augustus Hinton

The Chippewa Valley Film Festival (CVFF) will be held at Micon Cinemas Downtown, 7pm Saturday, April 23, 2016. For this year, the festival will showcase short films that are no more than twenty minutes in length. The art of the short film is creating compelling images and sound that support an excellent structured plot, all within a few minutes.

The organizers have received over nine hundreds entries for the festival. Entries have come from local, regional and international filmmakers and include a broad range of genres: drama, comedy, animation, documentary and experimental.

The event will be organized into two programs with a question and answer with the attending filmmakers between the programs. After the event, the audience will have the opportunity to meet the attending filmmakers and discuss their films.

Tickets for festival can be purchased April 8 at Micon Cinemas Downtown or buy line at beginning April 1, 2016. Doors will open at 6pm.




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