Yuri Neyman, ASC

We are very happy to announce that Director of Photography Yuri Neyman, ASC (American Society of Cinematographers) will be visiting UW-STOUT in June. 

An esteemed cinematographer, inventor, educator and author of many articles and publications, Yuri Neyman, ASC is the President and Founding Partner of the Los Angeles-based Global Cinematography Institute (GCI) and the Director of Gamma and Density Company, which is producing color correction systems for filmmakers based on Yuri’s  patented inventions.


Born and raised in Moscow, Russia he graduated from the Moscow Film Institute (VGIK) with honors in the art of cinematography and photographic engineering. After attending the Film Institute he worked in the former Soviet Union as Director of Photography on many films. One of the last films made with Neyman, as Director of Photography was Mayakovsky Laughs, directed by classic Soviet director Sergei Yutkevich. Based on famous and controversial play of the late twenties, the film has been shown at the London Film Festival. “SIGHT & SOUND” magazine wrote about the film: “…At least it proves that Soviet cinema can still turn out genuinely experimental and (dreaded word) formalistic film, executed with great technical dexterity.”

Yuri’s first feature in USA was the critically acclaimed cult classic neo-noir Liquid Sky. The film garnered an  overwhelming positive critical response for Yuri’s work as Director of Photography: “New York never been photographed better in a movie.”. “Rarely, if ever Manhattan been viewed so intensely”, ”A spectacular work of moving art”, ”The most beautiful science-fiction movie ever made”.

After Liquid Sky, Neyman went onto make more films – independent and studio based,  including black-and-white Tom Goes To The Bar (“Golden Bear Award” at the Berlin Film Festival) and film noire –D.O.A.(Touchstone Studio).

In D.O.A. he proved again his talent as a cinematographer photographing re-makes of Film Noir classics. It was almost universally praised for its original look. There are just a few samples of the many reviews taken from major publications across the country: “Stunning camera work”, “High concept movie which crackles with imagination and technique”, “Yuri Neyman does extraordinary inventive and witty work.”

Four of Yuri’s films: Liquid Sky, D.O.A., Fatal Deception: Mrs. Lee Harvey Oswald and Scattered Dreams, have been the subject of articles in American Cinematographer and Film & Video magazines, in addition to being noted in the trades. For “The Heart of the Deal” Yuri was nominated for “Best Cinematography“ in CableACE Awards.

Besides compiling an array of narrative film, documentary and commercial credits, Neyman invented technologies designed to help cinematographerscontrol the quality of images.

He founded company Gamma & Density Co. which provides cinematographers with patented tele-cine control charts extensively used by DPs around the world. The Thorough Control System method was described in the American Cinematographer Magazine and many other publications.

As a technological innovator, he also developed and patented the 3cP, Image Control and ExpressColor systems which allows a director of photography and DIT to communicate on-set color grading decisions directly to the colorist, thereby avoiding creative miscommunication and costly mistakes.

The 3cP system also allows for the production of “on-set dailies”. The system has been widely adopted and employed in today’s film industry, and has been modified for use on iPad and iPhone.

Aside from being an accomplished cinematographer and a proven entrepreneur, Neyman developed the course The History of Cinematography and taught it at American Film Institute. He conducted seminars on Pages from History of Cinematography and Cinematographer’s Style and Language and has taught classes in The Art of Cinematography and Digital Cinematography at SUNY and UCLA.

As the President and Founding Partner of Global Cinematography Institute, Yuri is at the forefront of film and media education. GCI’s approach to teaching filmmakers of all generations the new kind of curriculum called “Expanded Cinematography”™ is true glimpse into the future of film and cinema education. As part of his visit, Yuri will be presenting a lecture at the UW-Stout Summer Cinema Intensive and will be meeting with students, faculty and administrators to discuss partnership opportunities for our schools. As part of his visit, Yuri will be presenting a lecture at the UW-Stout Summer Cinema Intensive and will be meeting with students, faculty and administrators to discuss partnership opportunities for our schools.

Yuri Neyman

Global Cinematography Institute  

Yuri Neyman’s publications related to the subject of his lecture at the UW-Stout Summer Cinema Intensive:

“Expanded Cinematography” : To Understand the Modern Image  – Making Process
Requires Continuous Educational Updating” – by Yuri Neyman, ASC in Markee 2.0 Magazine- Spring 2014


“If Beauty Will Save the World, Will It Save Cinematography? “
“Creative Cow” (2013). – by Yuri Neyman, ASC looks at the history of cinematography and its roots in painting for clues about how to continue to develop the art and craft.



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