We’re very excited to announce the 2015 UW-Stout Summer Cinema Intensive program! We’ve been working really hard to pull together a unique experience and we’re very happy to share it with you through this blog. We’ll be adding posts on a regular basis, through the spring, as we lead up to the program. We’ll also be blogging throughout the summer and use this site as a community forum to showcase what we’re doing and the results.

A couple years ago we offered a 4-week version of this program (see project videos and testimonials), which was a great success. This year we’ve expanded the program to 8 weeks and 6 credits to allow students more time to develop skills and really immerse themselves in a project. As part of the course, we’ll be conducting technical and process demonstrations, industry-led masterclasses,  as well as providing a substantial amount of professional gear.

Summer in Menomonie brings wonderful opportunities for filming and photography. Dunn County’s lush environment combined with extended daylight can work wonders for the lens — magic hour seems to last forever here in the summer!

We hope you’ll follow us and check back as we update the blog with additional announcements and info. Summer will be here before we know it!

Kevin Pontuti
Program Director – BFA in Entertainment Design



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