The UW-Stout Summer Cinema Intensive is an 8-week immersive program. Students study filmmaking in a full-time (8-10 hour a day) applied work environment utilizing professional equipment and lab resources. The program is open to current UW-System students, as well as the public. Nontraditional students may register. The program will be limited to 20 students.

The program is comprised of two, back-to-back, 4-week sessions of DES-375/575 Digital Cinema Studio. Students must sign up for both 3-credit sessions for a total of 6 credits. Each 4-week session includes an industry-lead workshop. We’ll be bringing in specialized equipment and industry partners to demo professional equipment and view student work.

Along with technical training and a series of skills building exercises, students will complete one substantial creative project during the 8-week program. The project will include all phases of production including: pre-production (ideation, storyboarding, look development), production (filming) and post-production (editing, color grading and sound design).

Filmmaking is a time intensive and collaborative process. Scheduling actors and shoots can be challenging during the normal semester when students have differing schedules. This program will provide uninterrupted and focused blocks of time for students to immerse themselves in their projects—taking advantage of the good weather, extended daylight and outdoor locations, that are abundant here in the summer season.

General Information
Kevin Pontuti
Program Director / Associate Professor

Credit Outreach Program Manager
Sandy White

Non-Credit Program Manager
Anna McCabe

University Housing Office

University of Wisconsin – Stout
BFA in Entertainment Design
School of Art and Design
College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Menomonie Chamber of Commerce



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